About Wish Café

What is Wish Café?

It’s a device for the collective construction of a map of human desire.
The starting point of this social experiment is the realization that all of us live in a network, that the set of our links defines our place in the world, and that technology provides us with an ever-increasing number of ways to represent that situation.
Wish Café is, in some way, an anti-net, because it is a network of holes. It intends to make visible, not what we have, but what we are lacking. In other words, to what extent are we still out-of-place in the place we occupy, in which ways are we foreigners at our own home.

How is the map of desires built?

Shared wishes are the key point. Each time you click on I wish this too!, you are creating a relationship with all the other people who wish the same and, at the same time, a link between that wish and all the others on your list.
These relationships are translated into ‘attraction forces’ that generate an emerging order among the elements in the system (users and wishes).
On the other hand, each time you choose I don’t like this, you are pulling apart that wish you don’t like and those you do to a certain degree.
As a result of the interplay of all these tensions, a map of human desire will emerge. It will become organized in affinity areas or ‘neighbourhoods’, that correspond to different projects in life and ways of being in the world.

How did this project start?

Wish Café is an artistic and social experiment that was kicked off by the call to take part in the exhibition Extranjeros en la tecnología y la cultura, that will take place at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during July and August 2009, curated by Néstor García Canclini and Andrea Giunta.

Who’s behind all this?

Wish Café is a project by Leonardo Solaas, an Argentinean artist that works mainly with the Internet as a subject, environment and media for his works.
You can visit his personal site and his profile in this network..