I wish...


I wish...


I wish...

Wish Café is a different social network. We are not asking you to tell what you do, what you have and who you know. There are already many places for that. Here, for a change, you can talk about what you lack: what you would like to be, to have or to know, who would you like to meet.

The plan is to register and share our dreams and ambitions. Talking, not about where we are, but about where we are going, about what puts us in motion every day, about the life we want to build, for ourselves and with other people.

You are invited to define yourself through your desires, discuss them with others, keep track of your achievements, and find affinities with people who want the same as you. In the process, we will be building a collaborative map of desires, which we will be able to visualize and navigate in different ways during the second phase of the project.

If you want to take part, you just need to register on the site. And don't forget to add the rss feed of wishes to your news reader.

Welcome, and enjoy!